Expert Stakeholders Evaluate the UN Report on Digital Interdependence

Dr. Heidorn will be an expert panelist at a panel organized and funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation. The event will be held in Washington DC January 22-23. Project OutlineDigital technologies are fundamentally changing societies worldwide. This digital transformation offers immense opportunities. However, the accelerating pace of digitalization also creates new challenges,... Read More

CDSDS Director Selected Kavli Foundation 'Petabytes to science: Data inclusion revolution' workshop

CDSDS Director, Bryan Heidorn was selected to provide input at the workshop in Boston on November 6-7-8. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is organizing a series of workshops on “Petabytes to Science”, supported by The Kavli Foundation. These workshops aim to identify the... Read More

Project to make historic US Forest Service data available

The Center Director has established a grant with the  Research & Development branch of the U.S. Forest Service to make historical data forestry data records avaialble for research and management. The US Forest Service operates four long-term experimental areas from its office in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are starting a project to 1) digitally preserve and organize and 2) publish the research... Read More
Harnessing the Data Revolution IdeasLab Logo

CDSDS Director selected to participate in a National Science Foundation IdeasLab

The director of this center, Bryan Heidorn was selelected to be a participant in a National Science Foundation (NSF) strategic planning event, May 20-25, 2019. Each of the 30 particpants in the IdeasLab was selected based on a big ideas proposal submitted to NSF.  Dr. Heidorn's, "Idea" is a system to integrate big data and processing capacity from the hundreds of biological field stations that... Read More

CDSDS established collaboration on big data in earth-space science

The Center for Digital Society and Data Studies has established a partnership with the Network for Earth-space Research Education and Innovation with Data (NEREID), an initiative of the Associated Universities, Inc. NEREID (ˈnirēˌid) advances research and innovation through education and engagement with big data in earth-space sciences. Why NEREID and why now? As the 20th century came to a close... Read More

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans

Our very own, Betsy Williams, PhD, was quoted in the Pew Research Center publication this past December. A snipit of that quote was also used in the publication See the full quote below. Betsy Williams, a researcher at the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies at the University of Arizona, wrote, “AI’s benefits will be unequally distributed across society. Few will reap meaningful... Read More

Research Associate, Dr. Sarah Young, to present at the iConference!

Dr. Sarah Young, CDSDS Research Associate, will be presenting new research at the iConference. Her work, "Continuous Evaluation: Background Investigations, Classified Information, and Informing in the 21st Century," details the proposed Continuous Evaluation (CE) program with the National Background Investigations Bureau where applicants for security clearances will be subjected to continuous... Read More

Faculty Presenting in Maui, HI

Center faculty are presenting work at the 2019 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), on 'Deepfakes' as part of a symposium of research papers entitled, Credibility Assessment and Screening Technologies, January 8-11, Maui, HI. Click here for more information!  

CDSDS Helps Sponsor New "Surveillance and Social Media" iSchool Undergrad Course

CDSDS helps sponsor a new course offered to iSchool undergraduates, which is a great way to share research with today's learners. The class entitled "Surveillance and Social Media" is full and closed to further enrollment, until we can run it again at a later date!

Dr. Catherine Brooks Writes Another Op-Ed in Wired

"It used to be  that cameras never lie. We tend to privivilege visual content, trust what we see, and rely on police cams, mobile recording tools and similar devices to tell us about what is really happening on the streets, in local businesses, and more." "This kind of ‘justice’ only works as long as we can trust the videos we see—and faked videos are on the horizon." Click on the link below to... Read More

Dr. Catherine Brooks Publishes in Scientific American on Big Data Research

In a big data world, scholars need new guidelines for research. User information from Facebook and other social-media sites is invaluable to political and social scientists, but it must be treated with care.

Dr. Catherine Brooks Interviewed in The Guardian on Facebook Data Scandal

Tech firm will be even more reluctant to share with legitimate researchers who want to learn more about how it affects our lives.  

Dr. Catherine Brooks Publishes in the Arizona Daily Star on Warrantless Searches of Digital Devices

Given that Arizona shares its southern border with Mexico, residents need to pay special attention to illegal searches of mobile devices during border crossings. Customs officials are increasingly collecting mobile devices at border crossings and in the nation’s airports, searches that often target minority travelers. Overall, border searches of electronics more than doubled from ... Read More

Dr. Catherine Brooks Publishes in Wired Magazine on Facebook Sharing Data

The media fevor that followed special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of a Russian internet organization for intentionally sowing discord in the US political system has missed one crucial implication: We still know far too little about the potential impact of social media on individuals and society.... Read More

Dr. Catherine Brooks, Dr. Jane Bambauer, and Dr. Kay Mathiesen Talk About the Dark Side of Digitalization

UA researchers are calling for a collective approach to a host of emerging ethical issues in the rapidly changing technological world, where today there are more questions than answers.  

Dr. Yotam Shmargad Analyzes Social Media Use and Impact for Candidates Running for Office

Candidates are busy fundraising for their campaigns for 2018 elections. Usually, the candidate with the most money wins. However, research from University of Arizona School of Information indicates the emergence of a new type of campaign currency generated on social media. Yotam Shmargad explained how retweets from certain social media influencers could help candidates overcome fundraising... Read More

Welcome, new CDSDS interns!

The semester we welcome our two new Social Media and Web interns, Carley Kaiser and Rachel Pollack. We are so lucky to have them.  Meet the interns: "Hello! My name is Carley Kaiser and I am currently a junior with a double major in Communication and eSociety. I’ve been working at the CDSDS this year as the social media and web intern. I’ve had so much fun helping out at events for the Center and... Read More

David Sidi, CDSDS Student Research Fellow running an iSchool course on information privacy!

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of information privacy, with applications developing privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). Topics include: formal and informal conceptions of privacy; best practices for PET development/privacy by design; anonymous communication; obfuscation; database privacy; privacy in authentication; biometric privacy. 
Image of editorials written as part of the Op-Ed project

Catherine Brooks selected for The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship

CDSDS Director, Catherine Brooks was selected for 2017-2018 as a year-long fellow for The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship. The fellowship is a "national initiative first piloted at Yale, Stanford and Princeton Universities, and now at top universities and foundations across the nation....The goal is to dramatically increase the public impact of our nation's top underrepresented thinkers,... Read More
Photo of Catherine Brooks

Catherine Brooks continues her work with Center for Democracy and Technology

CDSDS Director, Catherine Brooks, continues her work on the Advisory Council for the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) in Washington DC. “The best policy outcomes happen when all voices engage in an honest, constructive dialogue. The diversity of views and experiences of this stellar group of individuals will help CDT be an even more effective and influential organization. I’m... Read More

David Sidi's Research Work on Enhancing Transparency in Data Flows

As part of a research team, David Sidi participated in a series of research talks about transparency in data flows. With his research partners and co-authors, he has presented work at the  Usenix Symposium on Usable Privacy, the Americas Conference on Information Systems, and also the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference.  This projectc focused on the TD-CHAIN system that was developed... Read More

Announcing Angelia Giannone, CDSDS Student Research Fellow

We welcome Angelia Giannone, a doctoral student in the School of Information and new CDSDS Student Research Fellow!   Angelia studies games, media, technology studies, digital culture, as well as rhetoric and communication in STEM discourses. Angelia is also the director of the Usability and Play Testing Lab.

CDSDS Fellow Examines Fake News

CDSDS Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Mark Verstraete, recently partnered with colleagues in the James E. Rogers College of Law to break down and determine how to stop fake news. Verstraete and his colleagues determined there are four categories of fake news and provide insight on what methods we can take as a solution to the debacle. For the UAnews story:... Read More

A Class in Cybersecurity

Volodymyr Lysenko, Postdoctoral Research Associate for the Center, is training students about Cybersecurity! As part of the MA in International and Security Studies housed in UA's School of Government and Public Policy, Dr. Lysenko is teaching a graduate course on "Issues in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar​". He's also busy teaching "Ethics in a Digital World" for the School of Information. 

My Life in Privacy

The Center for Digital Society and Data Studies partners with the College of Law to host a unique speaker series featuring experts in privacy and data security. Speakers discuss their career paths and the particular legal controversies that most affect their area of research and practice. 

Welcome Mark Verstraete as a Center Post Doctoral Research Associate

Mark Verstraete is a Privacy & Freedom of Speech Post-doctoral Research Fellow for the CDSDS and will be working primarily for faculty in the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law. His research examines how technology and law distribute power across networks (government, civil society, etc.) and the implications of those distributions. He is a graduate of University of... Read More

Michael Jenkins, PhD Student, talks about identity and language in Salt Lake City

Michael Jenkins, partially funded by the Center, spent time in Salt Lake City, Utah with Communication scholars. As a doctoral student, Michael's focus is on philosophical questions in Information, but his theoretical frames are very interdisciplinary. We're pleased to have supported him to share ideas across multiple scholars, ideas meant to aid in the teaching of students about online... Read More

Volodymyr Lysenko joins CDSDS as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Introducing, Dr. Volodymyr Lysenko, Ph.D. Information Science from the University of Washington, Seattle. Dr. Lysenko has published research in peer-reviewed journals on the use of ICT for socio-political transformations, particularly in the former USSR countries. He conducted research as a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford (UK) and Columbia University (USA). Previously he served as an... Read More

The Center's Betsy Williams Calls for Representation in Silicon Valley

"Silicon Valley has great skills to offer America, but with leadership that is 80 percent men and 83 percent white, it has trouble hearing all citizens," says Williams. We think she's right, and hope you'll check it out here: Read More

Algorithms! Derek Bambauer funded as part of George Mason University's Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program

Congratulations to Derek Bambauer, affiliated faculty and Center board member, awarded support for his work on algorithmic decision making and privacy. Bambauer was funded as part of the Program on Economics & Privacy (PEP) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, one that aims to inject sound economic analysis into policy discussions surrounding privacy, data security, and other... Read More

Welcome Betsy Williams, CDSDS Post Doctoral Research Associate

Betsy Williams (PhD, Stanford University) is a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies. She believes that the process of exchanging ideas can improve learning, cooperation, and civil society, and she studies how technologies and social contexts shape these outcomes.  Her training in economics and education focused on using causal inference methodologies... Read More

Catherine F. Brooks addresses the role of social media in the recent campus clown incidents

Catherine F. Brooks, Director of the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies, remains concerned with issues of social media and safety. She addressed the media this week about the role social media has played in the recent campus clown incidents and related concerns. "This is as much about the nature of the news as it is about the mode of delivery because today's stories of all kinds move so... Read More

Announcing David Sidi, CDSDS Student Research Fellow

We welcome David Sidi, a third-year doctoral student in the School of Information and new CDSDS Student Research Fellow!   David's recent research with Hong Cui highlights the statistical benefits of techniques for preserving data privacy, which include improving data... Read More

Post-doctoral research fellow positions are available! The University of Arizona’s (UA) Center for Digital Society and Data Studies, in coordination with faculty from UA’s School of Information and School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP), welcomes applications for three (3) postdoctoral fellows beginning in Late... Read More

A Seminar with Board Member Dr. Kate Albers!

Art and the Archive: From Material Object to the Dataset This seminar will consider the complex interrelationship between artistic practice and “the archive” as a theoretical construct, a practical institution, and a type of collection undergoing substantial change in a digital and social media era. Since the late 1960s, the aesthetic critique of archival practices has been an ever-increasing... Read More

Catherine Brooks our Director invited to serve as a team member on an international project "Ways of Being in a Digital Age: A Systematic Review" led by the U.K.'s Institute of Cultural Capital.

Catherine Brooks, Director of UA's Center for Digital Society and Data Studies (CDSDS), has been invited to serve as a steering-team member on a recently-awarded grant from the Economic and Social Research Council, UK's largest organization for funding research on economic and social issues. The project "Ways of Being in a Digital Age: A Systematic Review" will be led by the U.K.'s Institute of... Read More
AZ Daily Wildcat photo - A Conversation on Privacy

VIDEO: Snowden, Greenwald and Chomsky descend upon the UA to talk privacy on the web

Arizona Daily Star cut out

UA panel to discuss privacy, security in Apple-FBI dispute

Students stream past the Administration building during a break between classes on the University of Arizona campus, Thursday, April 3, 2014, Tucson, Ariz.

Univ. of Arizona establishes new center on digital studies

February 24, 2016 7:50 am  •  The Associated Press The University of Arizona is establishing a new academic center to study big-picture issues involving digital technology and data. According to university officials, the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies launched by the School of Information will bridge divides between academic disciplines and involve experts from multiple fields.