Faculty Advisory Board

David Cuillier

David Cuillier

Director of Graduate Studies, School of Journalism

Associate Professor, Journalism

Jennifer Earl

Jennifer Earl

Professor, Sociology

Social Sciences 421

Samara Klar

Associate Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Jamie Lee

Associate Professor, School of Information

Assistant Professor, Social / Cultural / Critical Theory GIDP

Stephanie Carroll Rainie

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Assistant Research Professor, Udall Center

Associate Director, Native Nations Institute

Co-Director, Center for Indigenous Environmental Health Research

Stephen Rains

Professor, Communication

Associate Professor, Psychology

Jeannine E. Relly

Professor, School of Journalism

Yotam Shmargad

Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Assistant Professor, Statistics GIDP

Suzanne Weisband

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems