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Examples of CDSDS Projects

With your support, and to engage in research on some of the massive changes in contemporary society, studies supported by this Center examine topics, such as:

  • online behavior, practice, and safety 
  • Internet of Things
  • data privacy, freedom of expression, and related human rights
  • online information, misinformation, false news organizations
  • archives, and the digitization of materials and dark data
  • computational art and culture, interactivity
  • management information systems and social networks 
  • high-performance throughput computing in science, political life, or education 
  • changes in the organization of science teams, and scholarly communication
  • opportunities and constraints that impact data sharing across sectors 
  • political or societal implications of genomic, natural science, or other collected data 
  • platform design and game development
  • mobile media, locative technologies, and informatics 
  • the spatial organization of everyday social life 
  • faculty/student analytics or data management in education 
  • data visualization tools, computation, and aesthetics 

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