Project to make historic US Forest Service data available

Sept. 10, 2019

The Center Director has established a grant with the  Research & Development branch of the U.S. Forest Service to make historical data forestry data records avaialble for research and management. The US Forest Service operates four long-term experimental areas from its office in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are starting a project to 1) digitally preserve and organize and 2) publish the research data from the oldest of these sites: Fort Valley Experimental Forest. Fort Valley holds paper-based research data and related materials dating back to 1908. This content, currently stored in 40 file cabinet drawers and 20 map case drawers, needs to be scanned and organized to support and current research activities future data publishing. Data publishing will be done through the Forest Service Research Data Archive (, which will also be responsible for long-term preservation of all of the digital content created by this project. See the Arizona iSchool jobs boards for student positions on this project.