Dr. Yotam Shmargad Analyzes Social Media Use and Impact for Candidates Running for Office

July 2, 2018

Candidates are busy fundraising for their campaigns for 2018 elections. Usually, the candidate with the most money wins. However, research from University of Arizona School of Information indicates the emergence of a new type of campaign currency generated on social media.

Yotam Shmargad explained how retweets from certain social media influencers could help candidates overcome fundraising shortfalls. His team explored how this may have helped sway votes in some federal races.

“If you are at a financial disadvantage and on average the people who share your message are popular … then you can do better at the polls,” said Shmargad.

To see how money is shaping this year's elections, Arizona Public Media looked into campaign finance reports in Arizona's gubernatorial race for a five-part series on money and politics, which you can see here.

How Social Media Could Give Underfunded Candidates a Boost