Misinformation on Tap

Building tools to fight misinformation, disinformation and malinformation



7 p.m., April 13, 2023

Learn about methods to recognize and fight misinformation in a relaxed social event. Librarians, information scientists, philosophers, and astronomers will give brief talks and audience engagement on efforts to fight misinformation including things like Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit. The public is welcome to join. We’ll have a series of informal information activities to explore skills such as source checking, misinformation inoculation against misinformation, anatomy of misinformation spread, and others. Talk to the experts, and other friends in the community on topics such as health, politics, finance, and other topics that normally would be best not to discuss in a taproom.

Talk Lineup

  • Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Tool Kit, Bryan Heidorn, Professor UA iSchool
    Dr. Heidorn will interpret Dr. Sagan's toolkit for skeptical thinking for 2023 misinformation detection.  We'll enumerate techniques like independent verifiability, substantive debate by knowledgeable people, appeal to authorities, alternative hypothesis, falsifiability, and many more. These methods will help your team win the "Golden Baloney" prize at the end of the evening.
  • How Technology Can Combat the Rising Tide of Fake Science, Chris Impey, Professor UA Astronomy
  • The Philosophy of Pseudoscience, Tyler Millhouse, Philosopher and Lecturer, UA iSchool
    Tyler Millhouse will talk about how our habits of thought—as much as the things we believe—can turn us into pseudoscientists. Covering such topics as falsifiability and Occam's razor, Tyler will highlight unscientific ways of thinking and how to avoid them in our own lives.
  • Buy this idea! and other live prebunking, Diana Daly Assoc. Professor UA iSchool, Kainan Jarette, Adam Fehse
  • The Truth Behind Bullshit (misinformation, malinformation disinformation..) or the two experts problem, Laura Lenhart, Assoc. Professor UA iSchool
  • Teaching Teens/Tweens How To Identify Misinformation with Pima County Public Library, Paige Carson, Librarian PCPL
  • Tally of points for most misinformation methods identified in stories. The Winning team will receive a visit from Carl Sagan in their dreams.

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