Institutionalizing Anti-Misinformation Working Group Workshop

Information Organizations working together to combat misinformation

This is a closed event but we are looking for professionals who work in information organizations. Contact Dr. Bryan Heidorn at if you are interested in participating in the workshop. We are very interested in having a diverse group of participants. We will cap participation at 25 people.

Information organizations collect, process, store, and disseminate information. The integrity of that information is critical to the society at large and for trust in the information institutions. Mis/dis/mal-information and the actors that create it can cause harm to the society in areas such as health, politics, science, climate, and social issues such as race, gender and sexuality. In this workshop we will apply a modified SWOT analysis to identify methods that we can use within and across information sectors to improve information quality and trustworthiness. Librarians, journalists, tech leaders, educators and researchers will work together using flip charts, whiteboards and electronic tools to develop a roadmap to productive collaborations. Our goal is make actionable recommendations to address particular problems. For example, librarians have reported that some do not hold disinformation workshops about health or politics because of fear of retaliation from the library board. The panel might recommend developing a survey library boards of directors to identify barriers and opportunities for information literacy workshops at libraries.

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